Auto belays – automatic belaying systems have revolutionised indoor climbing around the world. But if you are still unaware about what an auto belay is and how it can benefit your business, then here are our top 10 reasons why your climbing gym or leisure facility need an auto belay.

1. Quickly learn the ropes

At first glance, climbing may seem to require a lot of equipment, knowledge, and knowing the right people, but with auto belays, novice climbers can now simply arrive at a climbing wall and with some orientation and minimal support get climbing

2. No Belayer needed

If you want to learn how to climb, but don’t have anyone to climb with, auto belay systems offer the perfect solution. Climbers simply clip onto the auto belay system using a carabiner on their harness. When you start climbing the auto belay takes up the slack and you progress up the climbing wall. Once at the top the auto belay can lower you to the ground. If you happen to fall, the auto belay also slows your descent safety to the ground.

3. Revitalise your climbing wall

An auto belay system is great for getting new joiners to leisure clubs into climbing quickly. Climbers can start slowly learning how to climb before going into the more technical aspects of belaying and rope work. Auto belays are great for climbing gyms, leisure facilities, schools, or industrial training facilities.

4. Add another type of fitness class

Climbing is a fantastic way to build strength and agility and increase cardiovascular fitness. The auto belays can be factored into a circuit training class or be used on their own. With climbing using a range of muscles, improving core strength, it is a fantastic sport to add to your fitness class schedule.

5. Enable solo training

For those wanting to climb as a form of exercise, an auto belay enables you to do as many laps without waiting on another person.

6. Learn lead climbing

An auto belay can also be a great device for teaching climbers how to lead climb, with the auto belay as a safety back up.

7. Capture the Olympic spirit

Auto belays are also great for experienced climbers and speed climbers. Following the cycling wins at the London 2012 Olympics – there was a massive upsurge in cycling. Now, with speed-climbing, bouldering and lead climbing confirmed in the line up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, there has never been a better time to install an auto belay in your centre and capitalise on the upsurge in interest. The Dyno auto belay has been developed in accordance with the IFSC standards for speed climbing devices and exerts no pulling force on the climber.

8. Increase your profits

Auto belays enable you to have more sessions without needed to increase staff. They can also be great for introducing climbing parties or team building activities for businesses for novice climbers.

9. Easy to install and maintain

Auto belays are easy to install and change, ensuring you have a variety of new climbing routes to keep offering variety and customer return.

10. No downtime during servicing

Auto belays need to be inspected and recertified every year. SafeClimb offers low cost on-site and workshop servicing packages for all auto belay devices, including the Dyniauto belay, which means that you can be confident that your devices are always safe, with no significant downtime.

At Safeclimb we love climbing and are passionate about safety. Contact Liza  on +44 (0)333 200 2602 to find out how our Dyno auto belay can support your climbing business.