dyno climb harness

Simple, rugged & easy fitting

dyno climb harness specifications

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Product Manual


conforms to en1227:2015 type c


reinforced tie in points

flexible webbing for increased comfort

fully adjustable for broad range of fit


changeable vectran® webbing lengths


colour coded high tie in point

colour coded leg loops for easy fitting


Pelvic front

Size I/D

Colour bars on anchor point

webbing type

45mm polyester with reflective threads in orange



Double chevron style


weight of device

0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs


max weight

120 kg / 264 lbs


Occidere Multi Surface Sanitiser

Occidere is an eco-friendly surface sanitiser that’s safe for climbing walls and climbing equipment.

Unlike some other sanitisers, Occidere is effective within 30 seconds of being applied and doesn’t contain any alcohol or bleach, which is why SafeClimb recommend it for climbing walls and climbing equipment.

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