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dyno specifications

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Revolutionary design with back up braking system


one device for indoor, outdoor and speed climbing

We provide full servicing support and re-certification


changeable vectran® webbing lengths

First Class Safety features

The Dyno Auto Belay is designed to provide additional safe descent measures through the use of a back-up braking system in built. The Vectran® webbing is known for its flex fatigue properties, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and themal stability.

use anywhere

The Dyno Auto Belay can be used inside and outside and has weather resistant design. The Dyno continues to provides a safe descent speed in snow and showers, making it suitable for prolonged outdoor use on high ropes courses, adventure parks and outdoor climbing walls.

Zero Pull Ascension

In accordance with the IFSC standards for speed climbing devices, the Dyno exerts no pulling force on the climber.

Friction Braking system

The Dyno Auto Belay offers a robust and reliable braking system without the dust and frequent change of parts associated with older friction brake designs.  The Dyno is also the only auto belay to provide a back up braking system to provide additional reassurance to your climb.

Designed in the UK

Designed, manufactured and built in the UK. Crafted by experts in height safety. 

Designed for safety

The Dyno Auto Belay is the only auto belay with an inbuilt back up braking system. 

Temperature Range

-35°C – +45°C

-31°F – +113°F

Retraction Speed

6.5 m/s

21.3 ft/s


Min-Max Working Load

10kg – 150kg

22lbs – 330lbs

How does this outperform other auto belays?

The Dyno is the only device designed to take dynamic moves. This means it can be used to push the boundaries of your climbing facility and allow you to install a stairway to heaven or leap of faith experience.

The Dyno has excellent retraction speeds for the sport/speed climber wanting to push themselves further. 

What servicing support do you offer?

We offer full support from cradle to grave for the Dyno. We aren’t just selling you an auto belay – we are selling you a lifetime of support with a range of service options from on-site to workshop to suit your facilities requirements with reduced downtime for your business. 

How does Dyno's design differ?

Modern design with modern safety features.

The key difference is that the Dyno contains a friction brake system with a back up system in place. So if a brake fails, the other brake will still give a controlled descent.

This is also the only auto belay in the world, with a back up brake system.

What safety standards does the Dyno comply with?

The Dyno Auto Belay is fully compliant with leading safeety standards including: 

EN341:2011 Class A

ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2007

CSA Z259.2.3-99

(EU legislation) 2016/425

IFSA Speed Climbing



Where can I buy the dyno?

The Dyno Auto Belay is distributed by:

1 Rock Lane West, Birkenhead, CH42 1RE, UK
+44 (0) 333 200 2602

Nature Outfitters
PO Box 6022, Douglasville, GA 30135, U.S.A

Henan Junxing Sports Equipment Co. Ltd.
Room 507-5, Floor 5, Zone A, Zhihuidao Plaza, No.6
Zhongdao East Road, Zhengzhou, China
[email protected]

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