Summer is just around the corner and with Brexit uncertainty, many more families are choosing staycations and taking advantage of the wealth of facilities and activities now available in the UK.

Our unpredictable British weather means that parents are looking for fun, safe indoor activities and for climbing centres, getting your climbing facilities ready for the holiday rush is vital – but are you up to date with your safety checks? Closing for maintenance over this busy period could hurt your profits!

Most suppliers demand that specialist equipment like auto belays are sent to their headquarters for servicing. This can mean that;

  • Your leisure facility’s climbing wall is out of action for weeks.
  • You may face the potential loss of your auto-belay during shipping or return (especially where this has to be sent overseas).
  • You have to pay for costly shipment and insurance costs.

Auto belays are a great way to give a boost to your business. The automatic belaying system provides quick retraction speeds and safe down, and can get new climbers up and climbing without needing additional staff. Auto belays are also great for solo climbers, training sessions and fitness classes – however, they need to be serviced annually and re-certified.

What can you do then, to ensure your annual recertification goes smoothly and with as little downtime as possible?

Choose a supplier who can service on site

SafeClimb limits the amount of downtime on your devices by servicing on site. On-site servicing means you don’t have to worry about packing, scheduling deliveries or worrying about when serviced gear will be returned. Our engineers can service a wide range of devices at a location of your choice. Currently, we service companies across the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Plan your servicing in advance

Safety is our number one concern at SafeClimb, which is why we remind our customers and plan in their servicing and maintenance well in advance. We monitor, diarise and schedule visits for all of our customers, thereby providing pro-active service support and scheduling. This ensures you can effectively manage your business.

Find someone who is always prepared

SafeClimb leaves nothing to chance and plan for every eventuality. That means that all replacement parts and repairs can be carried out and completed on the day of service, so you have no interruption of your business.

Find an expert that can cover all your equipment

Our experienced engineers are fully qualified, audited & certified to service height safety equipment from harness and lanyards to Fall Arrest Devices and Auto Belays for the Leisure, Climbing and Industrial markets. We are exclusive UK service agents for all JSP, North by Honewell & Honor Safety fall arrest equipment and in addition, can also service and re-certify Miller, Abtech Safety and Ridgegear fall arrest devices.

Make sure your climbing facility is ready for the holiday season – book your auto-belay service now!

At Safeclimb we love climbing and are passionate about safety. Contact Liza or Scott on +44 (0)333 200 2602 to find out how our SafeClimb can become your climbing partner.